OROGOLD Cosmetics is a luxury skin care brand that offers you with a unique and luxurious approach to skin care with its vast range of exciting gold based products that can not only transform the way you look, but also the way you feel while you indulge in your skin care routines. OROGOLD Cosmetics offers its customers with products that contain some of the best skin care ingredients to provide them with a spa-like experience. Shopping at OROGOLD is all about shopping at peace. Each OROGOLD Store has been designed to recreate opulent surroundings wherein you can enjoy product demonstrations and specialized treatments at ease. You can also visit our online shopping portal to get these products delivered to your doorstep.


OROGOLD Cosmetics strives to offer its customers with the most advanced and best anti-aging solutions to help them deal with their common skin issues. OROGOLD tries to empower its customers with the right tools and the right knowledge which helps them to create the perfect beauty routine that can actually deliver healthier and younger looking skin. OROGOLD’s goal is to offer every customer with a chance to enjoy the powers of youthful and flawless looking skin that he/ she deserves.


The OROGOLD History
OROGOLD was established in the year 2008 in the United States of America. Over the years, it has managed to extend its reach to most continents in the world and the brand now boasts of having more than 70 stores in various cities all over the globe. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and it has always strived to offer its loyal customer base with the best and most innovative anti-aging and skin care solutions for their skin. For the past 5 years, the brand has constantly tried to recreate itself, innovate new products and improve its accessibility. As a result, it has managed to reach out to more than 20 countries and offer refreshing skin care products and treatments for all sorts of people – irrespective of their skin type, skin color, sex, nationality or age.


The Gold in OROGOLD
OROGOLD offers its customers with anti-aging skin care products that have been formulated around our signature ingredient – gold. Gold has always been used in the world of skin care since the ancient times. It was incorporated into the beauty practices of powerful rulers and empresses and it was one of the mainstays of most royal dynasties. However, the use of gold disappeared from the world of skin care as this metal became more and more expensive. Modern day technologies have once again allowed us to make the most of this lustrous metal. This ultimately led to the reintroduction of gold in skin care products. The main reason why OROGOLD Cosmetics uses gold in its products is to allow its customers to once again enjoy the golden luster and unparalleled shine that this exotic ingredient has to offer.


The OROGOLD Journey
OROGOLD Cosmetics believes that the best skin care routines are born out of knowledgeable choices. This is why ORO GOLD not only tries to offer its customers with the most advanced skin care products, but also helps them to understand how to best deal with their skin. Apart from aquainting our customers with ingredient information, product descriptions and how-to-use instructions; we also provide them with the best tips and tricks to deal with beauty and skin care.  You can navigate through various OROGOLD locations online to learn about the hottest trends, latest fashions, best ingredients, newest formulas and insider information about all things to do with beauty and skin care.