OROGOLD Products Find Their Way to Oprah’s Circle of Friends

The Oprah Magazine, simply known as O, is your go-to guide when it comes to the good life – right from lip-smacking food and getting dressed to health inspirations and the joys of cosmetics. The magazine shows you how to improve your skills when it comes to basic things in life and helps you to do everything better than before. And the best and by far most exciting features of O is the Oprah Circle of Friends.

Oprah’ Circle of Friends is a coveted annual membership club which gives its members access to a range of privileges and perks that are connected to Oprah Winfrey and O. It is one membership club that most women have been waiting for and it is always full of surprises, exciting deals, inspirations, information and a whole lot of fun. If you’re looking to indulge in high-end beauty products, choosing the ones handpicked by O is surely the way to go about it. Isn’t it?

Glossybox, a household name in the world of beauty, is famous for delivering world famous beauty products in beautifully wrapped boxes straight to your doorsteps. Glossybox recently handpicked a box of special beauty products for Oprah’s Circle of Friends in the August 2015 O, and we sure are overjoyed to tell you that our 24K Deep Peeling was one of the 5 products to make the cut.

The 24K Deep Peeling has surely been one of our stellar products and customers from all over the world have enjoyed the refreshed looks that it tends to inspire. Those of you who still haven’t had a chance to try out this powerful-yet-gentle deep peel can rush to the nearest OROGOLD Store for complimentary product demonstrations.

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