InStyle Features OROGOLD 24K Moisturizer

Originating in the US, InStyle is a monthly magazine that published their first issue in 1994, greatly expanding since then to the point where they now have 17 international editions. is the digital counterpart to the magazine, and, along with their social media channels, InStyle had a digital footprint of over 20 million last year alone. InStyle was one of the first magazines to feature musicians and actors on their covers, at a time when other magazines were only featuring models, and they have continued on with this trend, using their magazine and website to show the private sides of these famous faces.

In addition to covering celebrities and celebrity style, InStyle also brings together high fashion, beauty, design, entertainment and culture, and is usually written as an insider’s guide to this exclusive world. The website’s beauty section is a fantastic resource, packed with the latest beauty tips and tricks, as well as reviews of the hottest products.

OROGOLD is delighted to see one of our most popular products featured in one of the latest articles on The post is titled “This is What Happens When You Use Gold-Infused Skin Care Products for a Week”, and is a little experiment where the editor swaps out her regular beauty products, replacing them for ones that contain gold. The editor begins by explaining some of the benefits that gold can have on the skin, from being an anti-aging ingredient to reducing inflammation to brightening the skin.

Among the various gold-infused products that are being used is our very own OROGOLD 24K Multi-Vitamin Day Moisturizer, featured with a product photo, a price point, and a link to the OROGOLD website. The editor explains that the moisturizer “is a lightweight daily face cream formulated with a bevy of vitamins and antioxidants, the latter of which quash cell-damaging free radicals”. The editor then goes on to speak about how the push-button dispenser is not only hygienic, but also extremely convenient.

OROGOLD would like to thank InStyle for featuring the 24K Multi-Vitamin Day Moisturizer. If you would like to try out this fantastic product for yourself, feel free to pop into your nearest OROGOLD store, where one of our trained beauticians will be able to take you through some product demonstrations.

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