OROGOLD Cosmetics Featured in Vogue Magazine

Vogue, a luxury lifestyle magazine that is published in 23 unique national and regional editions, really doesn’t need any introduction. The magazine dates back to the year 1892 when it emerged as a high-society journal that was published weekly, but it truly began making waves in the year 1988 when editor Anna Wintour started emphasizing on a woman’s body instead of just her face. The magazine moved from strength to strenth in the coming decades, and its crowning moment came in the year 2009 when it was termed as “high fashion’s bible” by the New York Times.

Today, Vogue Magazine is considered to be one of the most prominent fashion magazines in the world that is integrally linked to the development of the global fashion industry. The magazine looks at fashion in terms of the world and its cultures, and this is what makes it stand out and inspire millions of women around the planet.

OROGOLD Cosmetics is delighted to enjoy a feature in the July’15 issue. With an entire page of the magazine showcasing OROGOLD products in all their beauty, we really see all that hard work beginning to pay off. The constantly changing beauty industry means that our research and marketing teams hardly enjoy any off days, but these few precious moments give us the perfect excuse to celebrate and remind ourselves of our commitment to deliver the highest quality, most advanced anti-aging skin care products to customers around the world.

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