Pittsburgh Better Times Features OROGOLD Among the Best Skin Care Products for Winter

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In an article titled “Beauty & Personal Care, the author offers readers with the best ways of combating dull and flaking skin during the winter months. The author reviews a number of skin care brands and products which work wonders to beautify your winter skin and features OROGOLD Cosmetics as one of the chosen brands. The article reviews the OROGOLD 24K Daily Essentials Kit, 24K CyrogeniC Diamond Mask, 24K Deep Tissue Rejuvenation Mask, 24K Men’s Collection, and more. This article educates readers on why they should use these products from OROGOLD Cosmetics and how these products can bring about a visible difference in their winter skin.


OROGOLD Cosmetics would like to thank the Pittsburgh Better Times for this informative article on the best winter products for the skin and for showcasing our various products in this article. For more information on OROGOLD Cosmetics and to find out the best OROGOLD collection for your skin, please visit www.orogoldcosmetics.com.

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