Haute Living Shows You How to Maintain the Summer Glow with OROGOLD Cosmetics

HauteLiving.com hosts the popular Haute Living magazines in the online universe. These affluent magazines target affluent individuals from San Francisco, Miami, New York and Los Angeles and cover a wide variety of topics that range from fashion and luxury lifestyle to beauty and skin care. HauteLiving.com isn’t any different either. Attracting more than 800,000 unique visitors per month, this is the place to be for those who wish to find out more about the finer aspects of life when it comes to celebrity inspirations, lifestyle, beauty, skin care, jewelry, real estate and automobiles.

The summer months are finally coming to a close, and things already seem to be bad. The pre-winter and winter months aren’t really the best things for your skin, for they often tend to make it lose its beautiful glow and feel haunted and pale. However, when you have access to the right ingredients and the best products, you don’t have to bother about losing that sun-kissed look or that luminescent glow. In an article titled “14 Products To Keep The Summer Glow And Get Winter Ready”, author Kelly Barbieri offers insights into some of the best beauty and skin care products that are sure to go a long way in letting you maintain that perfect summer glow throughout the fall and winter seasons.

One of the products featured in this exciting article is the OROGOLD 24K Caviar Micro-Beads Cream, described as an opulent, top-of-the-line options that really works. Kelly says that OROGOLD Cosmetics combined the wonders of caviar extract to the opulence of gold to create a dense cream that helps in making the skin feel soft and glow with good health. She talks about the anti-aging potential of omega-3 fatty acids and caviar and the ingredient’s ability to leave your skin with a soft, ethereal finish.

OROGOLD was delighted to have a product from our Caviar line featured in this exciting list of products. We would also like to thank Kelly for this amazing review and invite readers to try out products from our Caviar line, products that offer the best benefits of marine ingredients to help your skin through those tormenting fall and winter seasons.

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